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The Dragon House

The Dragon House

The Dragon house (Drakospito) nestles just underneath Ochi’s highest peak. In southern Karystos over 20 such houses have been found, most in the region of Styra. The one that is near the summit of Ochi is the most significant.

This ancient rectangular structure measuring 4.85 metres by 9.80 is made of huge stones with no mortar. The entrance is on the long side, in contrast to ancient temples whose entrance was on one of the shorter sides. The walls are so thick one naturally imagines supermen placing the stones in rows with enviable skill.

What is characteristic is the corbelled roof. In this manner of building, the stones penetrate the interior and create a structure that is reminiscent of an overturned tub.

The oldest finding that archaeological excavations have unearthed is an archaic inscription that was buried in the earth outside the building. Many locally produced kyathoi (cupshaped vessels) were found during excavations by professor Nikos Moutsopoulos.They date to the late 4th and early 3rd century BC. There are also findings from the early 5th and 4th centuries BC (Attic-style vessels, glass beads, fragments of bronze vessels).

Although the type The Ochi Drakospito An ancient monument that elicits awe of worship that took place there has not been determined, there was an altar where sacrifices were carried out as early as the archaic period.

A veil of mystery surrounds the Ochi drakospito. Judging from the findings, the view that it was a temple is sound, but the type of worship has not been determined, nor has the precise date of construction or who built it.